Tagged by Strangers

tagged I have an Instagram account. You can see latest picture beside my blog. Most of pictures that I share on Instagram were about Hotwheels and my ID is @difotoin and here is something funny about my Instagram. Look at these screenshots.


In red circle, that’s my ID. Some people using tag-option on Instagram just like using hastag. Well, it’s different. By using tag-option, you attach people’s ID on your photo but hastag making some unique-words to emphasize your photo and discoverable. In this case, I was a victim of people who don’t know how to use tag-option. Well, I don’t know how to express this, honestly. How about if I collect those kind of pictures and giving some updates in this blog. I thought it would be fun, don’t it?

***Update*** 12 Jan 2015, someone just tagged me in her picture.


And it continues..

image image image image



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Tentang saya? Bagaimana kalau kita bicarakan tentang kamu sambil minum kopi, setuju?

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