First Trial: Vivaldi Browser

Have you heard about Vivaldi? It’s a new internet browser for PC. I want to make a review about this browser, you might want to know it from me. Let’s start!


First, you can visit and see every details about this browser. When you decide to try, you can download it HERE.


At the front page, you’ll see the interface that might remind you something. It’s look like a Chrome browser, lil bit. Well. I don’t want to give futher opinion but I tried to visit Here is what I get.


I tried to join the community, so I click the red button and register. I got a verification on my e-mail.


But, shit happens. I can’t login! The notification said that the token provided cannot be found.


So, I tried it once again and the result is still the same.


Okay, I decided to skip registration option and trying to find out every details about this browser. Take a look the the process bar.


In the other browser, you’ll see the color gradation is start from color to white if the process is complete, but Vivaldi does the reverse. Next, when I open a new tab, there are the speed dials. The default speed dials are Vivaldi’s website, Facebook, Twitter, TED sites, dan DOHOP. I haven’t try DOHOP, maybe next time.


Then, take a look at the left bar. You’ll see some menus, such as Bookmarks, Mail, Contact and Downloads. The best menu from Vivaldi is NOTES! I love it! Because I often write or copy temporary words. I don’t have to open Notes application anymore while using Vivaldi.


At the left-bottom corner, you’ll found Setting menu. When I open it, the Setting menu makes a new windows. It bother me because I don’t like to have a new window while using a browser.


Something different when I see the tabs. If it open new tab and open a website, the tab color adjusts the website’s theme. Just like when I open these websites.

13 14 15

Other great things about Vivaldi is when you accidentally close your tab, you can click this icon to see what latest tab that you closed. No more CTRL+Shift+T. 🙂



Okay, next!

I tried to move the tabs, but something happens. I accidentally combine two sites in one tab!

17 18

It looks fine until I realize there is a minor bug when I trying to move the tabs. There a blank space at the left side and I cannot remove the the tabs to fill that space. Weird!


Overall, Vivaldi is a good new browser. But it needs more improvements so people can feel comfortness while using this browser. And it would be great if it available in Bahasa Indonesia, Vivaldi will make a great market in Indonesia.

That’s all folks. Hope you like my review. Sorry for my English (I know it’s not good). If you have some experiences while using Vivaldi, please let me know by giving some commentaries or your review’s link in my comment box. Thank you.


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